RSA software

Our RSA RFID system administrator 4.0 middleware

An evolution of ISAS middleware, RSA has been recently upgraded to 4.0 version, and now represents a comprehensive, flexible and versatile tool for managing RFID systems in their entirety.

Through an extremely intuitive single graphical user interface, RSA enables control of all the implementation and management phases of RFID systems, creating logical processes that represent the desired functionality. Our middleware makes integration with existing software simple and immediate, whether integrating downwards with several field devices or upwards with any kind of resident management software.

RSA releases the logical process from the physical hardware device. With a simple selection from the menu of the hardware used (the library supports the main recognized leadership models), RSA automatically takes care of dialoguing with devices, optimizing configurations according to the process with which they are associated and collecting the data read during execution. Because the logical process is independent of the type of physical hardware, subsequent replacement of the device with another model or vendor does not imply any changes to the previously defined logical process.

RSA controls complete processes (for example, mass reading and automatic comparison with a list of expectations, complete with front-end operator applications), acquires data from the field, filters them and makes them available to resident management systems at the level of aggregation required. Therefore, the resident management system is normally separated from the management of RFID systems and interaction is limited to a simple mechanism for exchanging data, available in different modes such as web services, access to shared DB tables and the exchange of files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Unlike software applications developed ad hoc for a single application, RSA therefore makes it possible to:

  • rapidly deploy a new RFID system;
  • modify existing RFID processes according to changes in user requirements;
  • expand an existing RFID system to new processes (in the event that they are the same as existing processes, this is a simple ‘copy-paste’ command);
  • modify data exchanges for changes in resident management systems;
  • both in cases of new implementations and for the replacement of hardware for existing processes, retailers can opt to use different hardware devices (the library contains recognized leadership models), allowing them to seize the best opportunities that the constantly evolving RFID market offers at all times;
  • simplify fine-tuning operations thanks to appropriate utilities;
  • make the user independent in simpler maintenance applications.

RSA is therefore an ‘infrastructure’ on which to build and manage different RFID applications in a flexible and versatile way.

Thanks to its ease of use, RSA enables customers to independently manage the Level I maintenance functions such as controlling the operation of devices, varying reading power, replacing a device and so on, referring to ID-Solutions technicians only for particular Level II and III cases if necessary.

RSA supports the implementation of RFID systems according to the EPC Global world standard, which permits creation of applications open to different players within the supply chain for the purpose of information sharing.

The software can be either locally or centrally installed, in a company server farm with direct access on the local subnet.

Equally, RSA can be installed either on a physical machine or on a virtual one, and runs both on Linux or Windows OS.

RSA is constantly evolving to ensure cutting-edge performance in line with technological innovation in the rapidly developing field of RFID.

The latest release permits the addition of new functionalities, implements more efficient algorithms for the execution of system processes, and increases the effectiveness of integration with hardware devices towards back-end information systems.

rsa rfid system admin suite