RSA features

Scalability & replicability

  • allows for local host or cloud installation on a physical or virtual machine
  • able to handle small and large projects, “cut & paste”
  • multi-lingual platform

User maintenance-friendly

  • computer engineers can be replaced by a process engineer for internal project management and first-level maintenance

Ease of Integration

  • easy to integrate with main ERPs and legacy SW
  • standard integration tools – WS RESTful JSON, shared DB tables, or data file exchange

EPC Compliancy

  • supports EPCIS standards for data warehousing and actions
  • EPC tag encoding standards


  • possibility of remote access via VPN
  • user access control

“Plug and Play” Functionality

  • easily integrated device; no need to have to write low-level SW

Continuously upgraded

  • wide range of devices supported and continuous upgrading with commercial devices from leading vendors
rsa rfid system admin suite