Track & Trace: What and Where?

The visibility of flows is a challenge that continues to plague complex organizations, but the gathering of accurate, real-time data on the flow of products within a supply chain offers many benefits.

By answering the question “where are the products?” and “which processes have they undergone?”, the Track and Trace module can be a tool for giving an important response to the challenges still open. Thanks to this indicator, it is possible to obtain multiple pieces of information related to the flow of products in real time, such as:

  • the position of EPCs inside the supply chain;
  • the time instant at which a given EPC has undergone a particular process;
  • the number of total EPCs entering and leaving the supply chain or a ring;
  • the flow of EPCs processed by each process of the supply chain;
  • the productivity of the individual processes within the supply chain.

These values can also be compared with target values so as to highlight the processes that do not meet the goals set by the company.

The module also meets mandatory traceability requirements which are typical of certain industries such as the food industry.


Like the previous module, this module offers a precise overview of the logistics history of a single EPC.  Here the entire history – the entire list of RFID processes involving a single item – can be displayed.

In contrast to Track and Trace, however, this module organizes the query output at the level of individual EPC, suggesting the combination of processes carried out, while Track & Trace shows the tagged object according to the last detection for the specific process.

Last Process:

When only the latest RFID event – and not the entire history of an item – is of interest, such as when tracking its current position, the ‘Last Process’ module can be used.

The ‘Last Process’ module analyses the data warehouse of the RFID system according to the query parameters and returns the last RFID event for each tag that matches the parameters.

Compared with the previous module, the ‘Last Process’ module displays only one row for each EPC and thus makes quick reconstruction of the current position of each item possible.

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