Flow Time Management

[Under development]

Flow Time Management: How Long?

A new module called Flow Time Management is currently being developed. It is the BI tool that will answer the question: “How long did the process last?”. With this tool, it is possible to gather information about the time spent passing through the supply chain, for each EPC or for an entire category of products that have been processed within a particular time interval. Through the Flow Time Management module, it is also possible to establish the overall time required at each EPC for crossing the supply chain.

The results obtained make it possible to identify the most critical processes that have required an abnormally long time, or above a target value defined for the optimal performance of the supply chain, thus paving the way to greater efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Ad-hoc modules

Any ad-hoc modules can be integrated by adapting existing ones or by developing them from greenfield according to customer requirements.

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