Our dashboard is the RSA RFID system administrator 4.0 dashboard

RFID is a powerful technology for supporting the improvement of business processes because it enables automatic item-level tracking.

Thanks to RFID technology, ITC systems automatically benefit from a large amount of data that makes it possible to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of processes throughout the whole supply chain.

The possibility of gathering such “atomic” data in the field is the foundation of every process improvement. But in order to generate value, RFID rough data alone is not enough. It is necessary to process, interpret and present this data in the form of value-added information for process managers, enabling them to act accordingly.

The RSA Dashboard® is the Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed for this purpose, transforming RFID data from the field into value-added information.

The dashboard enables full visibility of processes and physical product flows to everybody who is involved in managing processes in the supply chain.

• The RSA Dashboard® can be installed: ?in the RSA local Server, to get information about the local data collected from the site/s managed by the local RSA Middleware Server, or in the RSA Cloud Repository Solution, to get wide visibility of the whole supply chain, analyzing information from data collected in the Google Cloud database from all the local RSA Middleware Servers.

• The RSA Dashboard® is simply accessible via web through a browser, in both the version on hosts and the cloud version;

• The RSA Dashboard® is a modular solution born of field experience on projects developed in partnership with RFID Lab and members of various Boards of Advisors for consumer goods and fashion. It has been extensively tested in a wide range of different fields, including textiles and clothing, retail, consumer goods, healthcare and logistics.

The RSA Dashboard® is organized in modules, with each module responding to the specific needs of value-added information.

rsa rfid system admin suite