Hardware & Tagging

We offer a large variety of hardware (fixed readers, mobile readers, printers) and tags (UHF and HF), supplied by a range of top-class RFID Lab technology partners.
While some competitors solely aim to promote and sell their own technology, even after becoming a Murata Company, we never rely on a single source for tags, readers or printers.

For every project, we are therefore free to offer our customer the best product for their specific use-case. Moreover, RFID Lab constantly monitors the market and attends fairs and exhibitions, regularly selecting new companies as technology partners. Whenever promising new products are available, IDS sends some units to the laboratory, where they are tested by researchers at the University of Parma. Then, based on the results, we assess whether to take the product into consideration for our projects.

Our policy is to select only first-class suppliers in terms of product performance, quality, robustness and ease of maintenance, as well as supplier customer service performance. Based on our 10 years’ experience (a long time in this relatively young field), we believe that in RFID the principle of “quality first, customer service second, price third” always pays. Nevertheless, we do know where to find solutions at bargain prices for customers willing to take the risk of reversing the priorities of his or her RFID project.