After-sales services

The system maintenance service is an annual contract which provides a comprehensive service bundle that covers all support activities.

The purpose of this after-sales services is:

  • keeping software aligned to evolution of the customer’s processes;
  • providing support to the staff responsible for use of the system and guaranteeing the timely remote intervention of our technicians in case of need
  • adapting the RSA to minor changes to the systems with which it is integrated;
  • ensuring the perfect efficiency of the system over time.

We can manage either first- and second-level maintenance or second-level maintenance only.

Thanks to its ease of use, RSA usually enables customers to independently manage first-level maintenance such as controlling the operation of devices, varying reading power, replacing a device, and so on, referring to ID-Solutions technicians only for particular Level II cases if necessary.

However, in case of specific customer needs, IDS can provide support also for diagnostics and Level I interventions.

From our headquarters in Italy, we manage more than 1000 readers worldwide, from Australia to Europe and America.

after sales service