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RFID solutions profile (Murata +IDS business)

Who we are

Murata RFID group is a one-stop RFID solutions supplier offering turnkey products at the cutting edge of Radio Frequency technology. Early on in the development of RFID, we were quick to recognize its potential for transforming business practices, and have long been a major investor in this growing technology.

For several years, we have been developing, designing and manufacturing our own RFID hardware for multiple use-cases and across a spectrum of industries. In 2017, we acquired ID-Solutions, a specialist in RFID supply chain research and solutions, a move that enabled us to broaden our product portfolio even further and combine two sets of world-class expertise.

We now offer a total service to our clients, from carrying out business process analyses and identifying opportunities for RFID implementation, to providing a range of unique turnkey products for easy adoption, and bringing it all together with a software platform and solutions for deployment.

Why choose Murata for RFID solutions?

Going beyond components, our RFID solutions are tailored to the unique opportunities they open up for our customers, whether it’s efficiency savings, anti-counterfeiting measures or enhanced sales opportunities. We can offer expert insights into RFID’s applications for different industries and propose solutions and implementation strategies that are unique to your business.

Through our high R&D investment, manufacturing capabilities and , we have stayed at the forefront of the field, offering turnkey solutions designed to overcome the challenges faced by our customers. Our unique product range includes industry-leading technology such as microscopic RFID tags that are ideally suited for item level tagging of various things.

Technical capabilities
Murata RFID Group is a supplier with a global reach and the capability to cater to the challenges and opportunities faced by a wide spectrum of industries. Our RFID solutions can support clients across Fashion, Retail, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Industrial, Manufacturing, Logistics, and the Internet of Things – as well as many others.

RFID technology already has countless use cases, and the list of potential applications is constantly growing. Our solutions have been used in a wide range of contexts to tackle challenges and streamline business processes, and we are always keen to work with industry leaders to find increasingly innovative use cases and applications for RFID products.

Our social mission
As a tool for enhancing business practices, RFID is still in its early stages, with huge opportunities for developing the technology and driving the highest industry standards. At Murata, we are committed to finding ways to overcome current technical challenges in RFID, continuously enhancing and broadening its use cases to contribute to a better society.

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